The line-up

I am super excited to see the following in my calendar this month;

GovHack 2017


July 28th to 30th
GovHack Logo

PyCon Australia 2017


August 3rd to 8th
PyCon AU logo

GovHack is the Hackathon, for getting involved in government technology initiatives, and promoting Open Data.

I’ll be hanging out at the Ballarat outpost of the event, and am excited to see what we can come up with.

PyCon AU returns to Melbourne in 2017, for a week long homage to the Python Programming language. The two main event days are the Saturday and Sunday, but it looks to be a killer schedule all round.

More details:

Are you coming too?

Tickets are still available, but you don’t have much time left.

But, if you can’t make it, all is not lost; I fully expect that the PyCon talks will be recorded and eventually published online (as they were last year).

I’ll also be writing up my summary of the events.

Hope to see some of you folks there!